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Ladies Leather Handbags - How to Spot a Fake Radley Bag

Radley bags are apparently the best-sellng UK designer handbags. Unfortunately Radley Bag Camber Sandstheir popularity has meant that they have become a target for counterfeiters. So if you are looking for genuine Radley bag then you need to look out for the following.

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  • Radley introduced a new authentication label on all Radley bags in Autumn/Winter 2008. The label takes the form of an LCD printed label that contains a form of Mirage technology. The colour of the Radley dog logo changes from light to dark when it is lifted to the light. Radley are the first designer handbag brand to introduce this type of advanced security.
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          • All Radley handbags also have an aluminium Radley dog logo inside, embossed with the name ‘RADLEY’. The word 'Radley' should also be embossed onto the leather square underneath.
          • The Scottie dog tag on a genuine Radley bag is attached so that you can easily remove it. On fake Radley handbags the tag is often difficult or impossible to remove.
          • Radley bags and purses are sold with a glossy, cardboard label on the outside, with no dog on it.
          • Radley handbags only have the word 'Radley' embossed on the dog hanging on the outside of the bag on the tag.
          • Radley handbags also usually are sold with a kit of leather care products.
          • Radley bags come in a dustbag with drawstring.

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