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The Radley name and its Scottie dog logo may not be well as known as the more famRadley Handbag Durdle Doorous designer handbag manufacturers such as Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Fendi, Coach etc... but their popularity has grown consistently amongst discerning customers since their launch in 1998 and Radley bags are now the biggest selling British handbag brand.

(..... Radley Handbag Durdle Door - $390)

Their head office is in London but you can now buy Radley bags in selected Bloomingdales and Lord & Taylor stores in the USA or you can visit their USA website at

As they explain on their UK website - they are devoted to "making beautiful things that women can fall in love with". Radley bags and handbags are known for their individual creativity. Radley's designers seek to ensure "original design, exceptional hand-crafting, distinctive pattern work, extraordinary colour schemes and unusual textures"

How do Radley define creativity ? As "lighting fires of inspiration and doing our job with passion and .... being stimulated by the world outside the window as well as the world inside our head."

At Radley they consider their handbags to be "works of art and ourselves as artists, because having a vision is our biggest asset."

They also state that colour is "the essence of Radley" and that they use colour to "capture humour, or display an emotion. To give off attitude or make a statement. To add character and enrich. To brinRadley Bag Blythg fun into our lives and onto our products."

Radley bags aim for originality and an element of surprise as they consider it is "better to fail in originality than suceed in imitation".

(.... Radley Handbag Blyth $295)

They don't cut corners but they are not extravagant their watchword being "Creativity without extravagance", as a result their handbags are high quality products at an affordable price.

Radley handbags tend to be bright with distinctive details and new shapes, using richly coloured leathers and a variety of materials. Great attention is paid to detail throughout.

Radley Bags Spring collection this year is a collection of soft textured leather bags and creative hand-crafted detail with an emphasis on light Summer shades of ivory, yellow and pale pink, with "vibrant apple green highlights".
Radley Bag Pocket Bag
The collection has proved itself a great hit with the fashion press and has already been featured in Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire and Elle Accessories.

(.... Radley Handbag Pocket Bag $175)

The bags featured include the gorgeous Nightingale tote that is luxuriously soft and slouchy, the curvaceous Belgrave tote and the best-selling Grosvenor satchel, which is back this season in a striking pillar-box red and light tan.

The popularity of the Radley brand means however that there are fakes on the market. So how can you spot a fake Radley bag ? First, if the Scottie dog logo has the Radley name on it then the bag is a fake. Radley do not put their name on the dog, except on the cardboard tag hanging outside the bag.

Another indicator is that Radley includes a leather care package with every Radley Bag sold.

Prices for Radley bags in the US range from $145 up to $390

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