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Designer Handbag Louis Vitton Suhali Le Fabuleux Which are the most popular designer handbags ?

Designer handbags are one of the most popular women's fashion accessories. But where did this notion of designer handbags come from? Basically a designer handbag is just a handbag that somebody designed. And given that handbags don't design themselves then every handbag is a designer handbag.

What people mean by designer handbags of course is something totally different. In this status obsessed culture a handbag designed by somebody with a famous name becomes an object of desire, which is far more exciting than a handbag.

(Louis Vuitton Suhali Le Fabuleux Designer Handbag - $4360)

In addition to the famous name, however, a designer handbag also needs to be a high quality handbag and to be fair most of them are. They are of course generally either expensive, very expensive or extremely expensive, which just adds to their mystique and status of course. If you can't afford it, it must be good ! Even if it is rubbish. Designer Handbag Coach Horse and Carriage

So which are the top five designer handbags? If we ignore the subjective matter of taste and personal preference and look just at the figures, then Louis Vuitton is the clear winner.

(Coach Horse and Carriage Designer Handbag -$658)

In handbag and purse forums Louis Vuitton is the most talked about designer brand and in Google it is the most searched for designer handbag manufacturer. The reasons are fairly obvious. First, Louis Vuitton was the first. He started his luggage company in Paris in 1854 amd after his death in 1892 his son Georges developed the company into the first designer handbag manufacturer in the world.

The second most popular designer handbag manufacturer is the US company Coach, in terms of actual sales there may well be more Coach handbags sold than Louis Vuitton, it is difficult to know for cerDesigner Handbag Balenciaga Covered Giant Worktain. For one reason Louis Vuitton handbags are generally far more expensive than Coach handbags. Coach handbags are well-known for their style, their high qualty but also their affordability.
Designer Handbag Gucci Jackie

(<....Balenciaga Covered Giant Work $1925)

(Gucci New Jackie $3250.........>)
After Coach, in terms of popularity in the forums it is Chanel , Balenciaga, and Hermes but in terms of searches on Google it is Gucci, Balenciaga and Chanel. It is strange that Gucci handbags should not be in the first five in the forums.
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