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How to Repair a Louis Vuitton Bag

If you have a Louis Vuitton bag, whether it's a womens leather handbag or something else, you may after a while, need to get something repaired, such as the strap or a buckle or a zip. This shouldn't happen very often, as genuine Louis Vuitton leather bags are extremely high quality, if it is a fake of course that is a different Louis Vuitton Bag Surya XLmatter. For information on how to know if your LV bag is real or a fake see - How to Spot a Fake LV Bag

So how to repair a Louis Vuitton ?

You must absolutely take it or send it to a Louis Vuitton retail outlet, if you have the repairs carried out at a local non Louis Vuitton shop, Louis Vuitton will either refuse to carry out further repairs or will insist on re-repairing the repairs, as they will consider that the item has been altered. To retain the value of the bag all repairs must be carried out by LV, even for tiny jobs such as repairing loose stitching.

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You should also know that Louis Vuitton repairs are expensive and slow e.g. a lining for a pocket in a purse will cost at least $100. Zips cost at least $50.

A complicated repair can take as long as 2 or 3 months. So while your Louis Vuitton bag is away being cared for you will probably need to buy another one at least.
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