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Marc Jacobs Daydream Diamond

If you are looking for a bargain Marc Jacobs designer handbag but are not interested in buying a fake handbag - for information on fake designer bags see - Fake Louis Vuitton Designer Handbags then you may be interested in the sale of Marc Jacobs designer handbags currently under way at

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Marc Jacobs Patchwork Amanda
There are great Marc Jacobs handbag bargains to be had - see list below

Marc Jacobs Suede Flower

Carter Jr Rose $699 instead of $1195
Carter Jr Gray $699 instead of $1195
Sethi Stripes Suivi Bag $629 instead of $1250
Daydream Diamond Bag $649 instead of $1295
Mercer East/West Tote $909 instead of $1295
Patchwork Amanda $999 instead of $1699
Rolls-Royce fold over clutch $749 instead of $1495

Suede Flower Handbag $749 instead of $1495
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