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A genuine Monogram MiniLin Pochette (current retail price $165.00)

Given that Louis Vuitton designer handbags can cost several hundred or several thousand dollars it would be nice to know how to avoid buying a fake or replica designer bag. But, as I said in my previous post, it is estimated that 99% of Louis Vuitton goods bought are fakes! Quite an estimate.

So how do you know if a Louis Vuitton is genuine and how can you spot a fake LV bag ? Well, to be quite brutally honest, you can't! If you read other websites or blogs they will tell you there are certain telltale signs to look for and this is undoubtedly true, but you, as a non-expert, will find it very difficult to distinguish between the genuine designer handbag and a very good imitation.
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When looking for genuine Louis Vuitton leather handbags there are some indications that you might like to bear in mind however : -
  • The seller has a lot of stock - purchases are in fact limited by Louis Vuitton to avoid re-selling, so avoid anyone with large stocks of designer bags
  • Study the Louis Vuitton website and get to know the genuine bags - apparently some so-called Vuitton bags such as the Cherry Blossom Speedy or a Murakami Visor were never made by Vuitton
  • Suhali L'Epanoui PM (current retail price $2,650.00)
  • Louis Vuitton do not wrap their bags in plastic or bubble wrap!
  • If the price seems too good to be true then it is - genuine Vuitton bags are expensive
  • Poor quality craftsmanship - Vuitton bags are "works of art" and should look like them - no wrinkles, creases, asymmetrical logos, poor quality seams etc...
  • Attention to detail in all areas
  • Certificate of Authenticity - these can of course be fakes too - but if there isn't one then at least that's a definite sign to steer clear
  • Cheap looking tags made from a circular piece of plastic
  • Most genuine dust bags just have the LV or Louis Vuitton logo
  • Cheap plastic, cheap tan or cheap suede interiors
  • The patterns on Vuitton designer handbags are always lined up correctly (not like some people's wallpaper)
These are some of the signs, but even so you would be hard pushed to differentiate between the genuine womens handbags and the good fakes without a lot of practice (which rather defeats the purpose - unless you intend joining the bag police).

Louis Vuitton L'aumoniere Womens handbags

Monogram Satin Aumoniere (current retail price $1,630.00)

So what's a girl (or guy) to do? As I said above, unless you are an expert, in my opinion the only way you can be absolutely sure of getting a genuine Louis Vuitton designer handbag is to buy it from a Louis Vuitton store or from their authorized websites. If you are willing to take the risk of being one of the 99% then, if you do your homework (by studying the upmarket magazines and above all the awful Louis Vuitton website - awful because it is so slow and clunky and difficult to navigate), you might be able to find yourself a bargain, but as they always say 'buyer beware' you are unlikely to get a refund if you discover your bag is a fake. Bear in mind too that not all fakes are cheap. What better way to convince you that a bag is genuine than by charging almost the full price? One woman stated that she paid $600 for a bag in the belief that it was genuine designer handbag, whereas in fact it was a fake that she could have got elsewhere for $50 .

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On the Louis Vuitton website they state that Louis Vuitton products are only available at Louis Vuitton stores - or from their offical websites.

Monogram MiniLin Pochette Cancun (current retail price $315.00)

Louis Vuitton leather goods are made in France, Spain or the United States., where experienced craftsmen pay extreme attention to detail using only the finest materials.

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Suhali LeFabuleux (current retail price $3,700.00)

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