Mulberry Alexa and Tillie Handbags

Designer Bags - Mulberry Alexa and Tillie with 20% Discount!

Mulberry is one of the great success stories in UK retailing, despite the economic hard times the world is going through.
Mulberry Alexa

It would appear that luxury goods and designer handbags are immune to the general woes. One of Mulberry's greatest successes is the Alexa (named after Alexa Chung) handbag and despite being just over 1 year old it is still very much sought after by handbag junkies.

The Alexa costs around £785 or $1200 if you are in the

 USA and a lot of Mulberry's success is due to the popularity of this bag, which was launched in January 2010. Sometimes selling over 350 a week. You can however get 20% reductions on Mulberry bags at certain specific stores if you buy 500 shares in the company. You need a special shareholder discount card which you can get from Mulberry's after you've bought your shares.

According to Mulberry's creative director, the recession actually helped in the Alexa's success in the UK at least, as British people turned to buying British. Also apparently women will spend money buying handbags and shoes rather than pay the rent!

There is also the argument that quality designer handbags are actually more of an investment than an expense as you can always sell them on, perhaps for more than you paid for them! 
Mulberry Tillie

Also according to Emma Hill, the next big thing after the Alexa is the Tillie a mid-sized, soft leather bag which capitalizes on being both utilitarian and luxury.

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