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In 1971 Roger Saul created the Mulberry handbag company in the UK with his mother. Mulberry started life as a British lifestyle brand, but it now sells luxury designer handbags, bags, purses, menswear, womenswear, and women's shoes. It has also gained recognition worldwide for their fine leather goods, a success which has been emulated by another UK designer handbags manufacturer Radley handbags. They must be doing something right as they recently announced a surge in sales of over 78%.
Mulberry Handbags
Mulberry Daria Leather

Mulberry's strength resides is their luxury designer bags - like the Roxanne and the Bayswater and - which have become fashion classics. Mulberry hired British designer Emma Hill as creative designer in 2008 and she has since started to building a loyal following of discerning clients for her refined and innovative styles.

Mulberry bags are not particularly cheap but they are not outrageously expensive either, ranging in price from a few hundred dollars or pounds to a few thousand. In addition, if you buy a few shares in the Mulberry Group you are entitled to a 20% discount on their bags and handbags etc... in some of their stores.

Just make sure you they send you a shareholder discount card as you will need it to claim your discount.

Mulberry makes its designer leather bags in the UK at its factory in Somerset and has plans to increase the size of the factory and make even more bags, which is good for the local workforce. Mulberry also trains apprentices so that local youngsters can learn a useful skill.

Mulberry Bayswater Bag
Mulberry Bayswater Ostrich $5000
Mulberry Bayswater Ostrich Leather Handbag ($5000)
A sophisticated stone ostrich-leather bag with gold-tone designer-embossed turn-lock front fastening. This Mulberry handbag has 2 handles, gold-tone hardware, feet, gray suede lining, concealed buckles to expand the bag, internal zipped and pouch pockets and a padlock and keys tag attached.

However, the success of Mulberry bags, handbags and shoes has of course led to the proliferation of fakes and replicas. In fact if you look for Mulberry handbags on the Internet the vast majority of sites you find are sites offering fake Mulberry bags.

If you are looking for genuine Mulberry handbags then you would be well-advised to visit the official Mulberry site Mulberry.com - see the links or visit a genuine Mulberry store. There are plenty of Mulberry stores around the world including one at 605 Madison Avenue in New York.

How to Care for Mulberry Bags

Mulberry Bayswater Leopard Print approx. $2250

Mulberry state that you should use Collonil Waterstop spray to treat their antique leather products, in order to reduce dirt, water and preserve the natural look of the leather. If it gets wet, remove any residual water with a paper towel, pack the handbag loosely with paper and allow it to dry naturally. Do not dry it in sunlight or direct heat for prolonged periods. Avoid rubbing the leather against fragile or light colored clothing. Avoid scratching and do not place your bag on rough or sharp surfaces.

Mulberry Bayswater Leopard Print (approx. $2250)
Multicolored leopard-effect calf hair bag, gold-tone designer-embossed turn-lock front fastening. Two handles, gold-tone hardware, feet, concealed buckles to expand the bag, stitched trim, internal zipped and pouch pockets and a padlock and keys tag attached.

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