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Hermes Crocodile Birkin BagThe Crocodile Birkin Bag (named after British singer/actress Jane Birkin) is one of the most expensive handbags in the world. The good people on CNBC have just been talking about the incresae in production of such bags as being a sign that the economy may be recovering. Erin Burnett said on CNCB that the bag cost around $6000. Well it appears that they start at around $5000 ,
(Hermes Matte Crocodile Birkin Bag)
but the one in this picture is encrusted with diamonds and according to Forbes, costs in the region of $120,000 ! Someone at Hermes must have winced when she was implying they only cost $6000.

The clasp of this 30-centimeter tote bag has 10 carats of white diamonds and the bag itself is made of crocodile.

Personally I think it looked better as a crocodile.
If you think you might like to buy one then check out the recomended links.

Famous people who own Birkin bags :

Jane Birkin,
Victoria Beckham
Sandra Bullock
Naomi Campbell
Mariah Carey
janet Jackson
Lindsay Lohan
and many more ... I hope they all paid for them.
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Radley Bags Special Offer

Radley Bags - Radley's Three for Two Offer

Radley Bags at the moment are offering three items for the price of two on a number of ranges. Radley make excellent handbags and purses so their special offer is well worth a look. I don't get a commission from Radley so consider this a free plug for their bags and purses. Get yourself a genuine Radley bag !

There are some nice handbags in the Radley offer - here are two I spotted :-

Radley Canford Medium Bag

Radley Canford Medium Shoulder Bag

A high quality soft bag with leather fringing and wooden beads. The leather of the tassel fringe extends up and forms the shoulder strap which if fitted with a comfortable leather shoulder pad.

Handy pocket on reverse.
Bag securely closed with a zip.
Shoulder strap is 10 inches long.
Patterned lining, two zip pockets, two slip pockets.

Price: £125.00 (+/- $195)

Radley Solent ARadley Solent Bag Mediumcross Body Bag

The Radley Solent collection full of energy and creativity. Panels of leather are decorated with appliqué pattern in contrasting leather. Round with small top flap and magnetic closure. Colorful tassels from the handle with a small enamel Radley Scottie dog. Three colors - spicy red with highlights in orange and green, ivory with turquoise and dark grey.

Adjustable strap - longest length 23 inches. Grosgrain fabric for lining. Two zip pockets. Two slip pockets

Price £145.00 (+/-$225)

Remember you get a third item free from Radley Bags' three for two offer.
For information on how to spot a fake Radley bag see - How to Spot a Fake Radley Bag
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