Spot Fake Dooney Bourke Handbags

How to Spot a Fake or Replica Dooney and Bourke Handbag

Dooney and Bourke handbags , aka Dooney and Burke on some sites, have joined the ranks of womens handbags that are "knocked off" or copied. So how can you tell iDooney and Bourke Handbag Python Medium Nikkif a Dooney and Bourke is a fake or replica or is in fact genuine? Unfortunately it is not too easy. The best way to be sure of getting a genuine Dooney & Bourke handbag is to use their recommended outlets or their website - there should be a link somewhere on this blog.

(A Genuine Dooney and Bourke Python Medium Nikki Bag - $465)

Here are a few tips however to help you check out your Dooney and Bourke.

  • The stitching on the leather logo tag should be the same color as the thread on the seams.
  • Some people say that "British tan trim" is on all Dooney and Bourke handbags. Unfortunately not everyone agrees on this point e.g. when Dooney and Burke first started making handbags you could order your own trim color so a lot of 'vintage' Dooneys do NOT have the British tan trim.
  • Old Dooney handbags in the Drawstring style, do not necessarily have the tan trim or the tan strap. And not all of them have the duck stitching inside. Dooney and Bourke Large Toggle Bag
  • The hardware on a Dooney and Bourke bag will be solid brass. This applies to the protective feet, strap knobs or studs. Brass plated steel is not genuine.
  • There should be a leather duck logo with visible stitching inside plus a red, white and blue registration number sewn beneath a leather seam.
  • (A Genuine Dooney and Bourke Large Toggle Bag - $285)
  • On the tag inside the bag it will say, "Dooney and Bourke", and it will have an SKU number printed on the other side. This number reveals the make and color of the bag. All Dooney Bourke handbags come with a registration card and a unique registration number.
  • Online you would be advised to stick to commercial sites such as Macys, Nordstrom, or the Dooney site itself.
  • If there is no registration card with the bag, look at the SKU and see if it matches the bag's SKU on the website.

If you don't fancy doing all that and you want to be absolutely sure that the Dooney and Bourke bag object of your desire is genuine, then we recommend you stick to the bona fide Dooney & Bourke outlets.

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Mary Frances Handbags

Womens Handbags - Mary Frances Handbags

Mary Frances HandbagsIn 1990 Mary Frances Schaffer started making handbags as a hobby in her apartment in the San Francisco Bay area, from these humble beginnings her handbags have spread and are considered highly desirable and are extremely popular with Hollywood celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston, Eva Longoria, Shania Twain, Kate Hudson Sheryl Crow and others. Mary Frances handbags are vibrant creations which reveal the designer's passion for life and her colorful personality. They are also considered by many to be more works of art than fashion items and as a result people collect them as investments.

The uniqueness of their design ensures that they will turn heads wherever you go ! They will also increase in value over time, so they really are a wMary Frances Handbags - Lily Pondise investment. Some people even go so far as to display them in their homes as works of art.

Each Mary Frances handbag is handmade, so each one is truly unique. Mary Frances handbags are made using only the finest quality materials and with almost obsessive attention to detail.
(Mary Frances Handbags - Lily Pond)
Mary Frances has received numerous accolades from the fashion industry, including "Accessory Designer of the Year at the 2004 Dallas Fashion Awards".
Mary Frances Handbags - Lemon Drop
Mary Frances bags are a unique mixture of style, elegance, excitement and joie de vivre, they are also sold at reasonable prices.

(Mary Frances Handbags - Lemon Drop)
Mary Frances Accessories creates 5 collections each year of richly ornamented handbags that are genuinely 'one of a kind'. Each piece is created by hand by skilled craftsmen who pay close attention to each and every detail of the fabrics, stones, beads, and trimmings.
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Womens Handbag Theft Doubles

Womens Handbags - Handbag Theft on the Increase

Womens Handbags Open HandbagTake care with your designer handbags and the stuff you put in them ! Recent research has revealed that the size of women's handbags has on average doubled over the last 10 years.

As a result more women carry documents such as passports, bank statements etc... with them.

The survey also revealed that one in ten men now have a "man bag" and over 60% of men carry their personal documents in them.

However, Kerry D'Souza,
card fraud expert for CPP, said: "It's easy to forget that your identity is as valuable to a thief as your wallet or car keys."

"As handbags get bigger and man-bags become more popular, people need to be aware of the risks attached to carrying around personal documentation and avoid doing so if at all possible."

"Ideally your passport, bank statements, passwords and payslips should be locked away at home in a secure place."

"If you lose your payments cards inform your bank as soon as possible."

The survey revealed that 83% of women have at least one document in their handbag showing their name, address or date of birth.

In the UK over 1.25 million women carry their passports around, and 1 million keep bank statements in their handbags.

Over 3 million women keep their payslips in their bags.

The latest figures show that bag theft is on the increase. There were over 700,000 thefts last year.

Most of these thefts take place on public transport and in pubs, with 10% being in a nightclub or shopping centre.

10% of women said their bag was wide open at the time.

So take care, although you may know that your Louis Vuitton designer bag is worth £2000, a thief is probably more interested in your passport and credit cards .
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Dooney and Bourke Handbags

Womens Handbags - Dooney and Bourke Handbags Care and Gifts

Dooney and Bourke, aka Dooney & Bourke or even Dooney and Burke, for people who think two 'o's are quite enough for one name, make beautiful ladies handbags.

Dooney and Bourke handbags make great gifts.
Dooney and Bourke Calf Large Luna Designer Handbag Dooney and Burke
Dooney and Bourke did in fact very thoughtfully create a special Mother's Day womens handbags gift section on their website where you could find for example the very colorful

Dooney Bourke Calf Large Luna for $275.00

One inside zip pocket
Cell phone pocket
Zipper closure
Inside key hook
Adjustable strap
Bottom zipper expands width of bag to 3.75"
Strap drop length: 8"

Cleaning and Care of Dooney Bourke Handbags
Dooney & Bourke's Calf material is described as being water repellent and scratch resistant. Cleaning and care of D&B calf bags is easy. Just gently rub with a soft white cotton cloth which has been slightly dampened with water and a mild bar soap.

Your Mom might prefer the quality of the imposing

Florentine Vacchetta Shopper at $465.00
Dooney and Bourke Florentine Vacchetta Shopper Mother's Day Dooney and Burke

Two outside snap pockets
Center zip divider pocket
Inside zip pocket
Inside key ring
Detachable coin purse
Cell phone pocket
Handle drop length: 8"
Snap closure

Care and Cleaning of Dooney and Bourke Handbags
Florentine vacchetta leather will get darker over time and with exposure to light. When wet it will darken briefly but when it dries the original color will return. Do not use creams, polishes, cleansing or conditional agents on this leather.

Dooney and Bourke's Florentine Vachetta Handbags are 100% cowhide leather. The waxed finish makes the surface water repellent and will help to stave off some soil.

Some grime can however be alleviated by gently rubbing with a slightly water dampened white cotton cloth. The waxed finish also helps in the removal of mild scratches. Just use an extra soft smooth cloth to remove most scratches.

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Radley Bags Special Offer

Womens Handbags - Radley Bags Spring Offer

Radley Bags Great Purses and Wallets

Radley Bags are very popular designer bags in the UK and are growing in popularity every year. They are in fact the biggest selling UK designed handbag mark. They are also expanding into the USA via their trulyradleydeeply site.

If you are looking for some great designer handbags to brighten up your collection then Radley is certainly worth a close look. They are relatively new but already have a solid reputation for quality and colourful innovation.

Radley Bags has a number of websites - for the UK - for the USA and - in addition to the Radley brand they also own the Tula and HiDesign brands - all of which you can see here -

Tula bags and handbag designs are described as "fresh and fashionable, combining great attention to detail with exceptional functionality"

HiDesign has been manufacturing leather bags and holdalls that are "handcrafted superior quality products" for over 30 years.

As summer is fast approaching Radley Bags have decided to promote their desigRadley Bags Small Flapover Coin Pursener goods via a 3 for 2 offer, so this post is a shameless plug for their site as you may be able to pick yourself up a bargain. I don't get paid for advertising Radley Bags by the way, but you never know they might decide to make me an offer I can't refuse !

Radley handbags are always very colourful and original and of course high quality so check them out at

Radley Bags - Small Flapover Coin Purse

A small purse with a flapover top with Radley playing with a butterfly. The pouch has a slip pocket on the reverse for a credit card.

Price: £20.00

Radley Bags - Medium Flapover Wallet
Radley Bags Medium Flapover Wallet

A classic expandable wallet for coins, credit card holders and a separate compartment for notes. Detailing shows Radley playfully leaping through a field of hay.

Dimensions: 13.5 x 10cm

Price: £40.00

Radley also have a very interesting leather bag for laptops in pink ! Got to be better than the normal plain old black offerings from other designers but then Radley Bags have always been known for their colourful designs.

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