Womens Handbag Theft Doubles

Womens Handbags - Handbag Theft on the Increase

Womens Handbags Open HandbagTake care with your designer handbags and the stuff you put in them ! Recent research has revealed that the size of women's handbags has on average doubled over the last 10 years.

As a result more women carry documents such as passports, bank statements etc... with them.

The survey also revealed that one in ten men now have a "man bag" and over 60% of men carry their personal documents in them.

However, Kerry D'Souza,
card fraud expert for CPP, said: "It's easy to forget that your identity is as valuable to a thief as your wallet or car keys."

"As handbags get bigger and man-bags become more popular, people need to be aware of the risks attached to carrying around personal documentation and avoid doing so if at all possible."

"Ideally your passport, bank statements, passwords and payslips should be locked away at home in a secure place."

"If you lose your payments cards inform your bank as soon as possible."

The survey revealed that 83% of women have at least one document in their handbag showing their name, address or date of birth.

In the UK over 1.25 million women carry their passports around, and 1 million keep bank statements in their handbags.

Over 3 million women keep their payslips in their bags.

The latest figures show that bag theft is on the increase. There were over 700,000 thefts last year.

Most of these thefts take place on public transport and in pubs, with 10% being in a nightclub or shopping centre.

10% of women said their bag was wide open at the time.

So take care, although you may know that your Louis Vuitton designer bag is worth £2000, a thief is probably more interested in your passport and credit cards .
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