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The design of Coach handbags is based on the baseball glove design, which becomes more supple over time as it is used.

Coach Penelope Spectator Large Shopper $698
coach penelope shopper handbag
Coach women's designer handbags are very high quality and are beautiful to look at while remaining functional - seams and handles are double-stitched, and only the finest leathers are used.
coack penelope handbag

Coach Penelope Leather Shopper $398

The manufacturing process for Coach leather handbags involves rotating the leather in large drums for days to soften it whilst at the same time enriching it with fats, clear aniline dyes and natural plant extracts,

coach penelope satchel

Coach has just created its spring catalogue of handbags and totes. Some of these bags are illustrated here. For further information on Coach designer handbags and their history see - Coach Affordable Designer Handbags

Coach Penelope Leather Satchel $448
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