Kodak's New Fake Buster TRACELESS Technology

Womens Handbags - Kodak's New Fake Buster TRACELESS Technology

The business of fakes in general and fake designer handbags in particular is big business. It is estimated that 90% of all Louis Vuitton designer handbags sold, for example, are fakes. There is also the far more serious problem of fake medicines and toothpaste made in China which may contain the poisonous chemical diethylene glycol.

Kodak Traceless SystemNow Kodak has come up with a way of beating the counterfeiters and manufacturers of fakes, that may put them out of business altogether. Their system is based on the premiss that counterfeiters can’t copy what they can’t find. The Kodak TRACELESS System is a "forensically invisible authentication technology" that uses a combination of proprietary markers and handheld readers to enable customers to easily check, in the field, to see if an item is authentic.

The System creates items that are equipped with unique material properties that can only be detected using Kodak’s reading technologies.

In case you were cynically thinking that this is all Kodak marketing hype then think again. The anticounterfeiting solution has just received the prestigious InterTech Technology Award from the PIA/GATF, the world’s largest graphic arts trade organization.

Jeffrey Hayzlett, Chief Marketing Officer, Kodak’s Graphic Communications Group said “Our customers and the InterTech judges recognize that the TRACELESS System is an easy to implement yet highly effective way to fight back against the threat of counterfeiting to brands and consumers.”

The marker materials used by the TRACELESS System can be mixed with inks, toners, varnishes, paper pulp, plastics, powders, pigments, liquids and textiles and other items for analog and KODAK digital printing applications. Users have secure control of the markers, the readers and associated software. Counterfeiters are therefore prevented from duplicating the products or their packaging.

Kodak’s technology can help reduce counterfeiting in virtually every industry sector from currency to product safety labels.

According to Steve Powell from Kodak. “The KODAK TRACELESS System is easy to implement, virtually impossible to reverse engineer, and affordable for mass implementation.”

KODAK Markers

  • Can be integrated into numerous host materials without impacting their material characteristics

  • Can only be detected using TRACELESS Readers — they are undetectable by standard optical, forensic, or chemical analysis

  • TRACELESS Readers are precision built and extremely reliable, durable, and accurate

  • The system makes reverse engineering virtually impossible

  • The same marker and reader offer multiple levels of security —basic pass/fail or additional levels (confidential disclosure only)

  • The system can be customized to meet individual requirements

  • The TRACELESS System is already being used by customers for a wide variety of applications including:

  • Fashion apparel and accessories

  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Premium wines and spirits

  • Cosmetics

  • Documents and identification

  • So there may finally be a solution on the horizon to the widespread problem of fakes in all areas. In the meantime, while we are waiting for the readers to become widely available you may wish to check out How To Spot Fake Louis Vuitton Bags

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