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Louis Vuitton Biography

I suspect that few people know what the first genuine Louis Vuitton looked like so here he is. Rather striking !
First Louis Vuitton
He was born in Anchay in France on August 4th 1821 and died in Paris on February 27th 1892.

He left his home town and his parents, who were millers, at the age of 14, to go to Paris where he worked for a trunk maker and also as an apprentice luggage packer, to the prominent households of Paris. Louis Vuitton's reputation grew such that he was aplouis vuitton bag monogram canvas neverfullpointed by the Emperor of France, Napoleon III, as official luggage packer to his wife, the Empress Eugenie.

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Vuitton thus acquired expert knowledge of the requirements of a good travelling case and started to design his own luggage. He opened his workshops in 1854 in order to provide luggage suitable for the new age in which travel was becoming more commonplace.

He created his own brand in 1854 in order to make innovative and high quality lugggage. He had three watchwords - luxury, functionality, innovation. The first shop was opened that same year in Paris. The business developed rapidly and soon acquired an international reputation and in 1885 a shop was opened in London's Oxford Street. Over years the Louis Vuitton line gained international recognition, due in part to the bronze medal it obtained at the 1867 World's Fair and the gold medal at the 1889 World's Fair in Paris. The first stores opened in the U.S. in 1897.

louis vuitton handbag epi leather eugenie Louis Vuitton's designs have always been highly fashionable and the famous LV monogram was created in 1896 in response to the widespread copying of its products! (For information on fake Louis Vuitton bags click here : How To Spot a Fake Louis Vuitton Bag )After Louis Vuitton's death in 1892 his son Georges took control of the business and made the Louis Vuitton brand into what it is today. The company developed what is recognized as the first "designer label" for its products.

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Georges Vuitton is also said to have developed Vuitton's unique 5-combination lock. He died in 1936 and his son Gaston-Louis, took control of the company. In 1987 the company merged with Moet-Hennessy to become LVMH. Megastores were opened in 1998 in Paris, London and New York, a second flagship store was opened in Hong Kong in 2000.

louis vuitton bag monogram dentelle speedy In the 21st century there are around 200 Louis Vuitton stores in all the major cities of Europe, the U.S., and the Far East selling prestigious leather handbags, purses and luggage and elegant accessories to its distinguished clientéle. Due to the problems of counterfeiting Louis Vuitton now only sells its handbags and other products through its own stores or via its official website.

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